Alberto provides strong worldwide leadership in the application of weather and climate information for society

Alberto has contributed to various climate-related scientific areas including data assimilation in oceanography, seasonal predictions, climate change impacts and the interaction between weather & climate and energy. He has also been pro-actively contributing to the promotion of weather & climate through the organisation of several capacity building activities and by co-founding a network of consultants (Climate-Insight) working in the Climate Risk Management sector and more recently the World Energy & Meteorology Council. Alberto’s key skills are: strategic planning, project management, scientific analysis and capacity building. Alberto holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh (UK).

Research interests


  • From meteorological observations to weather predictions to climate projections and their use for society, especially for the energy sector
  • Climate change vulnerability and risk management
  • Data Assimilation in Ocean/Coupled models
  • Entropy production in the climate system

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