Providing strong worldwide leadership in the application of weather & climate information

Improving global energy transition and environmental sustainability

Alberto has contributed to various climate-related scientific areas including data assimilation in oceanography, seasonal predictions, climate change impacts and the interaction between weather & climate and energy. 

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About Alberto

Alberto provides global leadership in applying weather and climate information to enhance energy transition and environmental sustainability.

With strong international connections, negotiation skills, and scientific expertise, he secures substantial funding and delivers high-quality results. He founded a successful non-profit to bridge science and industry, leading global conferences and stakeholder events.

An influential contributor to weather and climate science literature, he regularly leads and participates in project planning.

Alberto holds a PhD in physical oceanography from the University of Edinburgh, UK, and is frequently invited to present at international events.

Alberto Troccoli

My Expertise

My activities comes under several shapes: capacity building, consultancies, project management, publications, presentations, community work. Selected production is listed here, though is not regularly updated.


I’m often invited as a speaker on climate and energy topics and from feedback I’m regarded as an engaging communicator. Not only do I enjoy verbal communication, I’ve also devoted considerable time to overseeing the development of a user friendly interactive online visualisation tool, the Teal tool, which allows to explore climate, energy and risk variables, from the past ca. 70 years (1950-to present) with future projections (up to 2100), and including weather and seasonal forecasts.

Project Management and Entrepreneurial Ventures:

I have been fortunate to coordinate exciting projects in climate science and its applications, particularly in the energy sector. From the initial stages of proposal writing and consortium formation to execution, I have led initiatives such as the EU H2020 SECLI-FIRM project and the C3S Energy operational service. Additionally, I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, having founded two successful startups: the not-for-profit WEMC, which connects science with industry, and the commercial venture Inside Climate Service.

Scientific Writer and Policy-Relevant Papers:

I am a prolific author of tens of peer-reviewed papers and four books, where I served as both editor and author. I have led or contributed to policy-relevant documents for organisations such as the UN’s WMO, the World Bank, and IRENA. Notable works include significant contributions to the World Bank’s “Climate Impacts on Energy Systems” (2011), leading the UN’s Global Framework for Climate Services Energy Exemplar (2016), and the WMO/IRENA Year in Review: Climate-Driven Global Renewable Energy Potential Resources and Energy Demand (2023).

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Alberto Troccoli

Passion Is What Drives Me

We’re not just determined about doing great work. We also love doing it.

With strong international connections, negotiation skills, and scientific expertise, We secures substantial funding and delivers high-quality results.

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