Alberto provides strong worldwide leadership in the application of weather and climate information to improve global energy transition and environmental sustainability.

Through strong international connections, robust interpersonal, negotiation and management skills, solid scientific and analytical foundations, and an ethically-conscious vision not only has he consistently secured large amounts of funding from many sources, he has been delivering impressive quality output as both project leader and team player. Business savvy, he has co-founded a successful non-profit organisation, the World Energy & Meteorology Council, to effectively contribute to the interaction between science and industry. Exploiting his meticulous organisation skills he has been leading a series of very well received global conferences and various stakeholder engagement events. He is also regularly called upon to lead, or contribute to, project planning and formulation. Alberto has been substantially contributing to the weather and climate science and application literature as books editor, journal publications author and communicator. He is often invited to present at events around the world. Alberto holds a PhD in physical oceanography from the University of Edinburgh (UK).


Want to be informed about air pollution data during COVID-19 restrictions?

Massive air quality changes observed during COVID-19 restrictions Two major air chemical components, which are also atmospheric pollutants, are shown here as a way to detect the changes in air pollution during the period of COVID-19 restrictions. Weekly values from the start of the year for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), both of …

Press Release – Take a rain check: How climate variations affect worldwide socio-economic activity

A new paper by Prof. Alberto Troccoli exploring the relationship between socio-economic activity and climate and geography variables has been published today. The documented link between socio-economic activities and the climate goes back centuries. While studies have shown a link between latitude and average temperature and economic output, through a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) …


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