Alberto provides strong worldwide leadership in the application of weather and climate information for society

Alberto has contributed to various climate-related scientific areas including data assimilation in oceanography, seasonal predictions, climate change impacts and the interaction between weather & climate and energy. He has also been pro-actively contributing to the promotion of weather & climate through the organisation of several capacity building activities and by co-founding a network of consultants (Climate-Insight) working in the Climate Risk Management sector and more recently the World Energy & Meteorology Council. Alberto’s key skills are: strategic planning, project management, scientific analysis and capacity building. Alberto holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh (UK).


Press Release – Take a rain check: How climate variations affect worldwide socio-economic activity

A new paper by Prof. Alberto Troccoli exploring the relationship between socio-economic activity and climate and geography variables has been published today. The documented link between socio-economic activities and the climate goes back centuries. While studies have shown a link between latitude and average temperature and economic output, through a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) …

What the unexpected COVID-19 virus outbreak teaches us about our environment

Written by Prof. Alberto Troccoli. Edited by Debbie Woodliffe. The dramatic spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus has led to several countries restricting the movement of people, including air travel. Previously, we’ve only seen government responses like this when concerned with more terrorist-related incidents – such as the tragic events of September 11 nearly twenty years …

SECLI-FIRM Stakeholder Workshop – Milan 2019

I will be hosting the second stakeholder workshop, taking place at the Hotel Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, Italy. Join our team of climate researchers and experts from the energy and water industries, to explore the ways seasonal climate forecast models can be assessed and combined to increase their value.


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